Scrap Chiller Buyer

Scrap Chiller Buyer

Rental Power ® We are buyer for scrap chiller of all types and sizes. Anyhow of the condition or age of the unit, we offer competitive prices and can snappily arrange for pick- up or shipping. Our platoon is endured in handling all aspects of the trade and junking process, icing that it’s accessible and hassle-free for you. communicate us moment to get a quotation for your scrap bite.

Rental Power ® Our company is interested in buying scrap, used, and refurbished chillers. We’re seeking chillers that are in good working condition and can be refurbished if necessary. Our focus is on acquiring high- quality chillers that are no longer being used by their currentowners.However, please get in touch to bandy your options for dealing them to our company, If you have chillers that fit this description. Thank you for your consideration

Contact us, for more detail, we’re interested in buying scrap chillers. We also buy used, scrap or refurbished generators, chillers, transformer, scaffolding, copper, aluminium, steel, metal, used battery, let us know .



Rental Power


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